Softshell Jacket


JPC Softshell Jacket. This jacket is a great option for the warmer months. It is water resistant but not waterproof.

Sizing is unisex Age 8 up to XL.

Measurements are as below. Width = measurement across front of chest, under arms. Length = measurement from shoulder to hem.

Size Age 8 width = 44cm, length = 56cm

Size Age 10 width = 45cm, length = 57cm

Size Age 12 width = 47cm, length = 59cm

Size Age 14 width = 50cm, length = 62cm

Size S width = 54cm, length = 67cm

Size M width = 56cm, length = 68cm

Size L width = 57cm, length =70cm

Size XL width = 59cm, length = 72cm